Intentional Parenting Workshop

Intentional Parenting Workshop
Date and time
23 Mar 09:00 - 17:30
23 Mar 09:00 - 17:30

In2motivation Inspiration Center
Nijenburg 2A, 1081 GG Amsterdam

Introduction to the workshop:

"Show children the same kind of respect that you would show an adult." 

In this workshop we will present the basis for open communication that is focused on trust and respect.

Families are dynamic and always in movement, and so it is important to keep being curious and also to learn how to share rather than teach. A family environment must be developed in which everyone can feel at home and is welcome to share their emotions, whatever those emotions are.

Intentional parenting is a workshop for parents, parents-to-be, teachers and educators.
We will be working with communication, boundaries and a clear vision for what we want to do in relationships with children and teenagers.

Over these two days we will develop using exercises, sharing and fun.

Dates & Times:

Saturday 23 March 2019 from 9.00 till 17.30

Language & Location:

Workshop in English, in Amsterdam

Workshop includes:

  • Coffee/tea/water, fruit and healthy snacks;

  • Gadget;

  • Training material;


Ligia Ramos


  • Emotional intelligence;

  • Non - verbal (communication);

  • Developing curiosity;

  • Powerful language;

  • Behavioural patterns;

  • Cause/effect;

  • Intention;


  • Happier and healthier relationships;

  • Trust and open communication;

  • Dealing with obstacles through resilience;

  • Building a strong, positive family environment;

  • Creating a family that grows together;

Why train with us?

  • Learn in an international environment with participants from different cultures that will open your mind even more;

  • Your learnings will be optimised through a personal intake regarding your learning goals and through personal attention to your learning during the training;

  • Learn by experience with an experiential learning environment providing you with lots of exercises and insights from that.